Metabolic Therapy

Treatments to help weaken the cancer cells’ resistance ability and capacity to spread by inhibiting cancer cells' energy production.




Cancer cells need sugar for replication. Metabolic therapy involves using a group of drugs called metabolic inhibitors. These metabolic inhibitors interrupt the production of energy in the cancer cells rendering them more sensitive to other cancer fighting approaches. As cancer has special metabolic needs — namely its high sugar dependence — these needs can be used against the cancer cells by using special metabolic inhibitors and diet.



Sodium Dichloracetate (DCA)

Sodium dichloracetate is an agent that lowers the energy level of the cancer cells, making them more sensitive to other cancer fighting approaches. In addition it invades the cancer cells and promotes their programmed cell death.


Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet at Esperance uses modified techniques and monitoring to ensure safety and minimize loss of muscle mass. The diet can lower the energy levels of the cancer cells, as well as kill them directly because the ketone bodies produced through this diet are toxic to many cancer cells. Furthermore, it can potentially play a huge role in frailty prevention that is often experienced by cancer patients.


Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO)

Cancer growth and many cancer features are driven by a lack of oxygen in the body. Therefore, exposure to hyperbaric oxygen can reverse many hallmarks of cancer. Secondly, HBO has the ability to directly kill cancer cells. HBO also potentiates other types of cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, laser, hyperthermia and immunotherapy, and contributes to the patient’s quality of life by reducing cancer related fatigue.


Sodium Selenite

Sodium Selenite helps reduce the cancer cells level of resistance to treatment. It sensitives the cancer cells for cytotoxic therapy and radiotherapy.


Alkalining therapy

As cancer thrives in an acidic environment, alkalinizing a tumor’s micro-environment using multiple modalities can decrease the cancer’s ability to replicate and metastasize.