Reduce your cancer risks

Reduce your cancer risks

Reduce your cancer risks



The best way to fight cancer is to prevent it

Cancer often begins to form years, or even decades, before the symptoms appear. For most cancers, the longer they remain undetected, the more opportunities they have to grow and spread. That is why early detection is an important focus on cancer prevention. At Esperance, we have developed and honed prevention strategies to help reduce the risk of cancer. Our approaches prior to a potential initial diagnosis or during remission include liquid biopsy, testing the levels of tumor and metabolic markers, the production of an immune profile and next-generation sequencing.


Today, nearly 80% of cancer is driven by environmental and lifestyle factors such as nutrition choices, oxidative stress, harmful toxins and chronic inflammations. For that reason, screening for such risk factors is also a cornerstone of Esperance’s cancer prevention approach. We offer a range of services and strategies based on leading-edge research to help individuals reduce cancer risk or detect cancer early at its most treatable stage.


Liquid Biopsy

A non-invasive way of monitoring an individual’s cancer status, risk or treatment performance.

Tumor Markers

The analysis of tumor markers may suggest the presence of cancer, helping medical oncologists to monitor therapy progression.

Immune Profile

An immune profile helps predict the patient’s responses to immunotherapy and monitor the progress of the treatment.

Next-generation Sequencing

A tool that allows oncologists to discover significant functional mutations, genetic changes and pathways.


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